A few On-to-Life success stories...

Deepak Kumar

It is said that a man feeds the fire of his honor on his own substance. Deepak, since his earliest days, had to fight the hard and long fight to a better life. His father, the sole breadwinner, struggled to educate his brother and him on a minimum wage job. Against what would have been insurmountable odds, Deepak rose to his challenges in life and now works as a Supervisor in a TVS Group Company.


Rishabh Jain

Growing up, Rishabh had to inhibit himself due to the staggering financial limitations he was subject to. The youngest of 3 siblings, Rishabh made conscious efforts to support his family. His drive, and hunger for betterment, drove him to ever greater heights and today, he works with a firm that provides technological solutions to energy problems.

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Kritika Kumari

Kritika had to face the indignities that poverty brought into her home, where her father, a watchman, and her mother, who sold vegetables by the road, tried to give their best to their two daughters. The world, she often felt, did not welcome her. PYDS found her, and opportunities beat a steady tattoo on her door. Today, she works as an Analyst for a hedge fund based out of New York.


Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep, like many of the students at PYDS, had to go through incomparable trials to reach the exalted position that he is in today. A chef in a famous restaurant in Nashville, Tenessee, he and his brother both suffered under the crushing weight of poverty. PYDS found him and his life entered the chrysalis which would see him emerge a succesful man.


Mayank Sharma

After completing his education, Mayank chose to return to PYDS to carry the Society’s mission forward. He rose through the ranks and became the Resource Manager through the strength of his own determination and commitment to the Society’s message.

Mohammad Nadeem

Born to a family of four with no regular income, Nadeem’s life seemed destined to be shaped by the hardship and uncertainity that was his lot in life. His father, a barber, was crushed under the weight of responsibilities. Nadeem’s industriousness and sense of responsibility, however, saved him: he will soon join Infosys as a Systems Engineer.