Here's why we’re so much more than just a school!

Education is incomplete if it is boiled down to a classroom, a few books, and a teacher. Sitting in a classroom, with an empty belly, dreading the return home to financial and familial turmoil, we cannot expect any child to do justice to their potential.
— Memory Lane, Purkal: The Annual Report 2017-2018

To bring out the true brilliance in a child, we provide a home away from home; we extend the resources they will need to pursue their passions without fear; we fill in the void underprivileged children feel due to the staggering deficiencies they experience at home.

Total Nutrition

The importance of nutrition cannot be overstated: despite the staggering economic growth India has been experiencing since Independence, the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau finds that the offspring of rural India eat less than they did 40 years ago .

The Swamys, our founders, provided bread, jam and nuts as an evening snack to the handful of students under their wing, in the early days. As time took flight, and the numner of students grew, the logical progressions was a full meal: rice and dal; a breakfast was added to the provisions. This was subsequently followed by a fruit, snack, and finally, dinner.

Today, we provide 500+ students with: breakfast, accompanied with a seasonal fruit; a full lunch with a salad; and dinner with a glass of milk.


Comprehensive healthcare

Our children come to us having been through extremely adverse circumstances. The development of healthy habits, hygiene, and self-awareness is often neglected when mere survival is the primary concern in life. Oftentimes, we have to stat from the very fundamentals of hygiene - teaching children how to brush, instilling the habit of clipping their nails, and sometimes even teaching them how to use the toilet.

Beyond this, we maintain detailed records on each and every child — ensuring that they receive vaccinations and complete physicals. This allows us to both identify diseases at an early stage, and get the requisite healthcare to the child.

If and when we identify a medical condition that needs great care, we are prepared to go to any lengths, as a parent would have been, to help the child — if not for us, many parents would have resorted to quacks and charlatans which only further complicates the condition.

Inspired teaching

Recognizing that traditional modes of teaching are inadequate to support a 21st-century child, we have partnered with the XSEED programme that builds thinking skills and problem-solving confidence in children. A programme of phenomenal worth that would normally have been beyond our means, XSEED Education has graciously made the program available to us at near-free costs — having been with us since 2009.

We strive to keep standards at our school at its peak. In pursing this goal, the school is a participant of the International Benchmark Test, a programme that allows schools to compare student performance internationally, developed by the Australian Council for Education Research.

A nuanced look at spirituality

Spirituality can mean something entirely different to each person . However, there are elements of spirituality we may all explore regardless of faith. There are valuable lessons to be gleaned from the triumphs and failures of the many founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world. We try to teach the exploration, the questioning, and evaluation of ideas on their own merit — for dogma does not have a place in a healthy mind.


Body, as well as mind

An unsound body is often the ruin of a promising mind. With a strong emphasis on Yoga, sports, and physical education, the Society is clear on the value placed on the physical well-being of the student.