The common goal we share is the refashioning of the state of Uttarakhand. When we educate, we do not educate with the goal of providing fodder for the job market; we educate with the goal of creating change agents who will return to their villages and become the footfalls that begin an avalanche of development.

Nearly 70% of the population of Uttarakhand lives in rural areas. To reverse the backwardness in many of these communities and bringing about lasting change is no mean task. We believe that this can be done only by sending ambassadors of change to as many communities as possible.

Our students, equipped with the kind of exposure and skill-sets that no other school would provide them are capable of becoming the change that we want to see in their communities, in the state, and eventually, in the nation.

This vision, and its root in the common good, drives the Society more than any other goal.