All children studying with us are entitled to support post their schooling for entry into universities and professional courses. This assistance normally covers the entire cost involved, and this is given interest-free and security-free. Repayment of the amount is expected out of income that the beneficiaries earn after being fully qualified. This could taken anywhere between 5-7 years. All such payment is credited to our On-to-Life fund so it may strengthen our sinews and perpetuate the goodwill that the donors originate.If you wish to support one or more of our students in this effort, you may write to us. We shall send you the name of the student you will have financed, his profile, and keep you posted on the progress that he/she is making.

INR 50,000 annually

This may not cover the entire cost of a student but we could fully support the child by finding multiple donors.

INR 1,00,000 annually

This is estimated to support a student through a program for a year.