Our work focuses on the education of the economically underprivileged. Since two-thirds of all of our students are girls, we focus on proactive inclusion of the girl child. We also focus on health by providing comprehensive, guaranteed medical care to all our wards. We attend to the nutrition of the child - offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit, and milk every day to hundreds of students. We also offer hostel facilities to hundreds of students.

Several companies have entered into an alliance - a marriage of values - with us.

Don’t just donate.

Collaborate with us towards the betterment of children’s lives. We offer corporates the chance to interact with students from very different walks of life - and emerge with perspective from insightful experiences.


  • … are an NGO with 20 years of experience.

  • … are recognized as a charity and enjoy the benefit of Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act (1961).

  • … comply with all other prescriptions such as registration by the Registrar of Societies, etc.

  • … have approval from the Government of India for accepting contributions from foreign nationals under the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

  • … have enjoyed corporate support under the CSR provisions of the Indian Companies Act (2013).

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Support one or more classes: The cost of a class of 25 students varies depending on whether it is primary, secondary, or senior secondary; senior secondary students are also residents in our hostel, and as such, the cost associated with those classes vary when this is accounted for. A few classes that are not yet sponsored are available for sponsorship.

Specific capital investments can also be sponsored by donors. Assets created with such contributions are identified, and properly attributed in all relevant/applicable documentation.

Activities such as healthcare, uniforms, distribution of milk, nutrition and sports can also be identified and funded.