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The Maharashtra Tour: Memories of the Students

“My first ever train trip.”

Siddharth Rawat, 9A

“Our noisy, fun-filled, beswar (off-key) singing, bus rides of 14 days in Maharashtra, was made possible by a generous donor. We even dedicated a song to him.”

Aditi Mamgain, 9B

“Was proud to be visiting the iconic academy at Khadakwasla. that prepares our defence services. Would love to be a part of this beautiful legacy.”

Laxman Singh Negi, 9A

“We breathed and felt nationalism when we visited the Aga Khan Palace and heard from an eye witness, about the incarceration of Mahatma Gandhi and the passing away of Kasturba in this Palace.”

Komal, 8B

“Awestruck by the amazing sculptures of Ellora. The beauty, symmetry and details will remain in my memory for a long time to come. How did they do this without machinery?”

Nikhil Thapli, 8A

“Experienced community service and kindness at every Gurudwara. A lifelong lesson to follow.”

Kashish Aswal, 8B

“Walked by selfless locals out of a road-less, dark, fearful passage after getting lost, coming out of Singhad Fort. An experiential lesson of our PYDS motto, ‘Life is for giving.’

Anjali Dhiman, 8A

“Honoured to be the first school in 25 years, to visit Emerson Innovation Centre; seeing the different valves, I wanted to make my own in our Tinkering Lab.”

Anshit Mamgain, 9B

“Was great to see the power of faith, that draws people in their thousands to Shridi and the Siddi Vinayak Temple.”

Shivam Saklani, 11th Commerce

“Throughout the trip there were skills to pick up, of survival through collaboration. It began with entering crowded trains. We needed to coordinate, help, adjust, and be happy with friends.”

Rupali Chaudhary, 11th Science

“I enjoyed the cultural exchange and the experience of the local cuisine and language.”

Isha Batola, 9B

“I made lifelong friends from among my classmates and will long cherish the company of my teachers, who were great mentors.”

Naina Singh, 8A