What folks say about us

Inspiring work. a great initiative. Wish you all success in the coming year. Will try to help as as much as I can.
– Mr. GK Pillai
Former Home Secretary, India

Mr. GK Pillai, Former Home Secretary, India
Mr. GK Pillai, Former Home Secretary, India

“Swamy’s passion has always impressed and amazed me! It is that which has enabled him to build and run this wonderful school for the poorest kids of the surrounding villages. The care he takes, not only of their minds but of their health and nourishment, is exemplary. He attracts people from all walks of life to support and enable his vision. Our foundation has been a part of his support system for many years now, and we all hope and pray that this continues forever, and that many others imitate PYDS and open similar schools in other parts of India. His wife Chinni is his greatest support and partner in their efforts to improve the lives of the poor of that area.”

– Mr. Vikram Lal
Former CEO of Eicher Motors

Mr. Vikram Lal - Former CEO Eicher Motors
Mr. Vikram Lal – Former CEO Eicher Motors

‘Purkal Society has changed the futures of the children of Purkal. With their innovative education techniques, they have empowered a new generation of children as well as educators. The team works relentlessly to improve the quality of services offered to the children and their model of developing a child’s personality in such a holistic way, inspires confidence and positive growth.The Purkal method should be an example to all of us.’

Mrs Sweta Rawat
Chairperson, Co-founder
The Hans Foundation

A wonderful visit, please keep up the excellent work.

Mr. B.R Punj
Executive Chairman
Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited

It is humbling to see so many children who are loved and cared for so well here. The light shining from their eyes is an inspiration to all of us who work in education.

Dr. Peter McLoughlin
Head Master, The Doon School

I was most impressed with the spirit of Social commitment & self-service of Mr. and Mrs. Swamy. It was a beautiful experience being in the School with their most responsive and interactive students and to witness the grooming of not only children but also the adults to become meaningful members of Society.

Padma Shri, Ms. Shovana Narayan

An inspiring visit to a remarkable place! Wonderful to see the power of transforming education at work!

Dr. Jonathan Long
Principal, Woodstock School

Wonderful, lifetime experience. It just out of box. The best School I have ever seen. All the best please keep it up.

– Mr. Vineet Joshi
Chairman, CBSE

Mr. Vineet Joshi, Chairman CBSE
Mr. Vineet Joshi, Chairman CBSE

I was deeply impressed by what I saw here. This is the kind of education and social change we need all over India. Will definitely come back.

– Mrs. Ratna Pathak Shah

Mrs. Ratna Pathak Shah - Actress
Mrs. Ratna Pathak Shah – Actress

I knew Swamiji since past 6 years. This effort in changing the lives of people in and around Purkal village has created a great impact in overall social fabric of these villages. The children are blessed to get an opportunity to study here. I wish all the best for the future endeavors of the Institution. Simply put its an excellent effort in designing lives of people.

– Mr. BVRC Purushottam, IAS
District Magistrate

Mr. BVRC Purushottam, District Magistrate, Dehradun
Mr. BVRC Purushottam, District Magistrate, Dehradun

A truly inspiring place. I wish India could have thousands of PYDS

– Mr. M.A Ganapathy, DGP Uttarakhand

Mr. M.A Ganapathy – DGP, Uttarakhand
Mr. M.A Ganapathy – DGP, Uttarakhand

Performance excellence is what I experienced in PYDS, in every area, discipline and process. Living example of transforming idea and vision into “community good” without a flaw. An example to be followed in the world of education- everywhere.

– Mr. Pradipta Sen, President – India, Emerson

Mr. Pradipta Sen & Mr. Shiva Dhar – Emerson
Mr. Pradipta Sen & Mr. Shiva Dhar – Emerson

Leaving the world better than we found it should drive our purpose, individually and collectively. The Purkal Youth Development Society serves as role model in this regard, driving the right influences and helping empower communities, bringing meaningful changes to lives around them. It is a pleasure to be associated with them towards this cause.

– Mr. Richard Rekhy, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG

For all of us at Martek, part of that gratefulness is being a small part of the amazing work being done at Purkal. It truly is a privilege to be associated with the outstanding individuals who are giving so much of themselves to be catalysts for change. The futures of so many deserving souls are being transformed in such a positive way that we hope you are proud of yourselves and your work for it is accomplishing so much for so many!!!

– Mr.Charlie Oliver, Martek Morgan-Finch Incorporated

What a joy to meet the inspiring staff and Principal of those beautiful students who have the world open to them through the dedication, education & excellence overflowing here. Everyone should visit the School to see it.

– Ms.Sharon Lowen, renowned Odissi dancer

Absolutely lovely to spend a day here, meet the students, see the expressive work being done at PYDS.

– Ms.Marilyn D. Staff, Founder, Asia Transpacific Journeys

I am very impressed of the work of Purkal Youth Development Society and all the efforts were to create a better future for young people as well as women of the Purkal area. I love the idea to work with young people for a better future and a better world.

– Mr. Heinz Kaltenecker, Rotary Club Schrobenhausen–Aichach

The Purkal School is absolutely heaven on earth!. The students of this School are among the intelligent and the most receptive I have ever seen. The service by Swamy sir and Chinni Maam have no words to be expressed! Truly apostles of God, they are an inspiration to humanity o say the least! I look forward to coming back to your delightful School and am grateful for the time spent with your lovely bunch of students ! 3 cheers to the finest School I have ever visited in a long, long time! Love you all.

– Ms. Ragini Chandrashekar, renowned Bharatnatyam dancer

Excellent work with total commitment and dedication. Purkal is one of the finest examples of doing things in simple ways while striving for excellence. Great coming to your Institution. God Bless!

– Lt Gen S M Mehta (retd), CEO The Hans Foundation