Volunteer with us

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

The very idea of PYDS is sacrifice to enable the building of the lives of the very poor.  As we journey, we have had the help of several volunteers, nearly 100 in number to help us with our challenges. They have brought with them several skill sets, stayed with us for shorter or longer periods but invariably contributed to our growth and development.  We thank them for helping the Society reach its present stage of service.

If you are hungering for inner satisfaction, the vibrant and positive environment at PYDS will satisfy your soul.  

t will not be wrong to say that each child studying with us is associated with a poignant story since poverty is the source of many problems. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to watch each of them blossom and grow into positive and productive individuals under your guidance.

We accept volunteers only when we believe that we could use their expertise and experience optimally. We would therefore request you to send us a carefully crafted bio-data that helps us with such evaluation.

We accept volunteers to train our students in sports, pottery, photography, movie making, baking, astronomy, computer hardware maintenance, renewable energy etc. We also have projects such as School Magazine, Annual reports, etc to accomplish in an academic year. Those with Data Management expertise or other Technology skills can also help with our development plans.

We normally discourage part-time requests for teaching as this interferes with our annual academic plans that need to be delivered by our regular teachers.

We provide all possible assistance to the volunteer for completing the project assigned.

If you wish to volunteer with us, you could write to us at purkalsociety@outlook.com