Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Creating leaders for individual, social and global change

At PYDS we believe that leadership is not the assertion of oneself but the art of fulfilling the aspirations of others, and that a leader for change in the social and global domain must first evolve herself. We cannot change others, we can only bring a change in ourselves and be a role model. The change should be for the benefit of humanity and not merely personal. This can only happen if one can see the bigger picture and one’s place in it.

We are trying to create the future leaders in academics, professions and trades from amongst the poorest young people in the community, with a particular focus on girls. We take a holistic approach, keeping the personal development of the student within a personal, local, cultural and global perspective. It is further our vision that PYDS become the model for change for rural Indian communities.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of underprivileged rural children through holistic education, nutrition and healthcare

Holistic education extends beyond transferring knowledge to the student, it goes beyond fostering a desire to learn, further than instilling in the student the practice of following school rules and the ethical and spiritual rules of life and social interaction, further even than empathy and consideration of others – holistic education aspires to create in the student a personal code of behavior and the moral strength to follow that code throughout life. The students are also initiated in a dialogue with the conversations of the past generations and not merely as a subscriber to the knowledge but to bring a respectful but questioning mind.

PYDS is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged rural young people. To achieve this we offer holistic care and education, and foster in these children a desire for excellence. Part of this mission is instilling in the students a sense of community; a respect for responsible, ethical living, and a desire to preserve the beautiful environment of the Himalayan foothills of their birth. Their education is broad based and encompasses a wide variety of experiences. Education provided to them is designed to be enjoyable and meaningful, sensitive to the rural needs and supplemented by nutrition and healthcare.