Vision & Mission


Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) focuses on providing a nurturing, care-giving environment to empower children of Uttarakhand (especially girls) from impoverished families – children of promise and potential – to carve a path out of poverty for themselves, their families, as well as their communities. To this end we provide all that is required – education, boarding, nutrition, healthcare, etc. – free of cost. We not only support them through the vital years of school education but also beyond the 12th grade, into the years of education/skill development for a vocation. In short, we strive to leave no stone unturned in our mission to help our students liberate themselves from poverty.

Our Vision

The natural and historical wealth of Uttarakhand is a rich inheritance. Our sons and daughters, in communion with this wealth, are best suited to transform the State. This metamorphosis is possible only if they are suitably nurtured. PYDS has this Vision. The young citizenry of Uttarakhand have great need for learning and insight into avenues for development. We have the ethical obligation to enable this. If this is well done, they will become the change agents who transform Uttarakhand.

Our Mission

To identify impoverished candidates from Uttarakhand, particularly the geographically impeded, with potential to fulfill the role of a change agent. The emancipation of these individuals, and through them, their families & their communities, from the scourge of poverty. To bring the light of hope to those who have most need of it.


Any education we bring to the young minds who must one day spread this change, must be a whole and holistic one. Education must take into account the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. We consciously choose to go one step further at every turn. To prepare and provide students with exposure and insight to face the world before them is a most important facet of education.
This is crucial because at the heart of Uttarakhand’s transformative potential is a void that can only be filled with the right skillset and true insight. Given the limited ability of our Society in terms of numbers, it is perhaps optimal to concentrate on Uttarakhand and particularly, the geographically challenged of the State.

The empowerment of women from the shackles put on them in a bygone era is a well-established cure for poverty. We proactively choose to elevate the girl child by ensuring that, for every nine boys we educate, sixteen girls are also reached. The support extended to students must not end with the final year of school – it must be a reassuring presence in their lives until they are fruitfully employed.

This initiative would, in the medium term, we maintain, will bring about significant transformation of the state.