Stories of Hope

All children are tomorrow’s future and a Story of hope for the nation.

We have 435 such stories and we are happy to highlight a few here:

Parvati Shah

This innocent child who lost her mother at age 5 in the disaster that overtook UK in 2013 is now a part of the PYDS family. They were residents of Guptkashi. She has a brother and a sister i.e Manish, then 7 years and Anita then aged 12, both also under our care. This family was destitute when their entire village along with their cattle were washed away and PYDS therefore adopted them. They are now housed in our campus and receive complete care and education.

The mother passed away in 2013 in the floods and the father compounded the trauma that the children suffered by turning into a sexual predator and exploited his own 12 year old innocent daughter. The monster thankfully went behind bars but the children were virtually orphaned. The children had nowhere to go.

She has now been with us for two years. She lives at our campus and her entire expenses are borne by the Society. She along with 8 others were given remedial help for a year (from July 2014- June 2015) and she is now studying in our Class 4 and has grown up well, acquiring friends. She is now a confident speaker and a keen student. We hope she will do well in life.

Sheetal Pundir

Sheetal Pundir comes from an extremely poor family and was growing well with her learning until a serious illness struck her in 2013.

We admitted her into a private nursing home for an appendectomy operation. Apparently something went wrong during the operation and the child became very critical with septicemia. She was operated again 3 times. At one time the doctor even doubted that she would survive. She was below 20 KG in weight.

Thanks to personal care that many of our teachers gave, and the loving care of the doctor, her health gradually improved and she started gaining weight. Once out of hospital, we gave her intensive care hiring a special room in our village for her to recuperate, since her own home was a climb and difficult of access. She needed to walk up a hill and her house did not have the basics of a good toilet and running water. We therefore found a room somewhere near our establishment and persuaded her elder sister to set up home there and stay with this child. We funded her expenses and made sure that she got healthy nourishment.

Her ability to catch on with her class work was limited. Therefore, she was provided special mentorship to help her catch up with her studies and she is currently doing well even though she had to drop a year.

3 years after this incident, she is healthy, beautiful and a strong girl. She is now studying in Class 11.

Jyoti Mamgain

She hails from village Galjwadi located about 6 Kms from Purkal. She is one of eight in the household. The family’s income is from the casual driving assignments that the man of the house gets. This income is irregular. The parents of the girl were barely educated.

She has been a very humble, obedient and a proactive child. In 2013, when she was just entering her teens, she thought about the solid wastes piling up in the clean villages. She implemented a solid waste management program in nearby villages in collaboration with another NGO. The road was still not easy as the biggest task was to convince the villagers. She did this too with her pleasant smile!.

In 2015 she won the Kurt Hahn Scholarship at the United World College, Thailand. She is doing her International Baccalaureate Diploma from there.

It was a rigorous competition that she proved herself in and got this life changing opportunity to study abroad in one of the world’s best Schools.

She has completed a year at Thailand. She came home for vacation but she could not stay away from coming to PYDS every day. The good part is that she is still humble and she has preserved the values that we imbibed in her. A recent article by her can be read in the blogs section.

Akash Pal

His family hails from Bihar. They migrated to Dehradun around 10 years ago in search of livelihood. His father who is a brilliant mason is unfortunately alcoholic. He does not save anything and spends all his earnings on alcohol.

The family lives on a rented one room which lacks even basic sanitation facility. The children are being brought up solely by their mother since father’s help is nil and only thing that is to his credit is the last name that is associated with Akash. His mother works in our sister organization Stree Shakti.

He joined us when he was just 9 years old. Since his birth he had a mole near the pupil in his right eye. The family took it casually during the early years but it gradually increased in size and Akash complained of blurred vision. The family although aware of this situation kept quiet due to money constraints. We should not blame them as without money no hospital would have entertained them.

Our teachers noticed this situation and took Akash to a doctor who warned that if the eye was not operated soon, he may lose his vision forever.

The Society then took matters in its own hand and got him treated. He can now see clearly. Wait! There is something more that we are happy about “Akash is emerging as a young artist and he has made us feel proud in many interschool, district and state level drawing and painting competitions. We do hope that he will become a great artist one day.