PYDS Learning Academy

PYDS Learning Academy: Our School
-affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi

We provide holistic care, comprising of free education, day long nutrition, blanket health care, personality development opportunities, skill development and co-curricular activities to all the children at School.  We are operational 6 days a week for 10 hours a day, 270 days a year.

We strive towards creating a conducive, vibrant and progressive learning environment for our beneficiaries. In addition to holistic and contemporary education, all students are provided with four feeds a day (breakfast, fruit, lunch and snacks). The Senior Secondary students who stay in our hostel are also provided with dinner.

Partnerships with educational path breakers such as iDiscoveri (Xseed), tGelf, AFS, IAYP, ACER, etc ensures overall world class academic exposure. Extra-curricular activities and regular inter-school interactions and exchanges keep the students and teachers in sync with current learning trends and educational tools.

The School was chosen by Mind Mingle in 2015 for a visit by around 20 Principals of reputed Schools from around the country,  for following  – a unique concept of teaching – an emphasis on learning rather than teaching.