An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends

Benjamin Franklin

We at PYDS believe that children need hand holding and mentoring in the course of their young lives. These children mostly feel the absence of motivation, support, encouragement etc from their parents which their privileged counterparts readily get from their parents and educated relatives. They further need to understand that the entire effort at the Society is possible because of the assistance of donors. We also find that it is beneficial for them to receive letters of encouragement and guidance from their mentors. It is therefore that we have chosen to find mentors for various children.

Our Patronship schemes gives you an opportunity to relate with a child who is under your Patronage. We share the profile and progress report about the child’s performance both academic and otherwise.

You can also meet with the child when you visit us. The child also depends on the mentor for guidance and emotional support which many mentor provide

The Patronship that you pay is part of a pool used for the growth and development of all beneficiaries. These funds are available to the Society for the benefit of all our children, accounted as such and not tied to any one child.

We request you to support the Society with any of the following five Patronship Schemes.

Type of Patronship
Annually Quarterly Monthly
Perfect Patronship 100000 1540 25000 385 8350 128
Prime Patronship 75000 1,100 18,750 280 6,250 95
Platinum  Patronship 50000 770 12500 192 4200 65
Principal Patronship 35000 540 8750 135 3000 46
Privileged Patronship 25000 385 6250 96 2100 32
Premier Patronship 20000 310 5000 80 1700 26

If you choose to contribute towards our Patronship Scheme, you become a Patron of the Society and the Mentor of a child.

More details about these schemes are available in the e-brochure section available in the Information Center. Please feel free to write to us if you need any further details.