On to Life – POST 12th Support

Our students who have the advantage of a well – rounded education while at School need help for their ‘life after Schooling”. Competition for admission into good professional Programmes calls for mentoring and counselling.

Pursuing professional college education post School is also a challenge due to the rather high costs involved. We make sure that children do not get demotivated due to their poverty. While most of the parents have been appreciative of their child getting higher education, we have had instances when parents were against it. They wished their wards to supplement their income by doing a job of a security guard or any such jobs.

We counsel children and help them examine career alternatives that might suit their talents, interests and skills. The society provides assistance to deserving students by helping them access academic scholarships, interest free loans etc. We have also been able to interest individual sponsors who helped fund the University education of many deserving students.

Our alumni are beautiful living examples of our Vision of Transformation. From humble beginnings of a poor rural backdrop our young adults are now successfully pursuing professional Programmes in the field of Management, Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, Accounting, Economics etc.

Until date 151 students have passed out of our scheme and we have been able to help around 40 students pursue professional programs.

Our earlier batch students who have completed their higher education are now employed exceptionally well. We feel glad that they have successfully come out of the dark shadow that they were engulfed in due to poverty and brightened their future.