Monthly Donation Option

Step (Sacrifice to Enhance Progress)

Little Things Makes Big Things happen.
John Wooden

We launched this donation option when we realized that Philanthropy is now no more a virtue of late adulthood. Young generation wants to contribute to the growth and development of the community.

When people donate, they do not get anything in return but satisfaction. They in fact sacrifice not only their hard earned money but their emotions as well.

Our Step Program is an opportunity especially for students/ young people to enjoy the joy of Giving and cultivate this habit for the future.

It is a program which seeks a regular monthly donation of Rs. 400/-. This is considered as one STEP. There can be more than one STEP eg. INR 800, 1200, and so on per month. The entire pool of money is assembled to accomplish the Society’s Mission.

The Steps that you contribute could have helped you satisfy your personal desires; every rupee that goes out of your pocket tugs at your heart initially and the pain that is felt while contributing to an organization initially, transforms into contentment in the long run.

If you share your experience of this ‘Giving’ we shall consider sharing this “Story of Sacrifice” on our Social Media platforms and website.  We request you to kindly send your story to us.

Step (Sacrifice to Enhance Progress)
Monthly Donation Option INR US$ GBP £ Euro €
Take a Step towards the progress 400 7 6 6