Individual donors

Individual donors have always been a great source of strength to the PYDS family.

They have played a vital role in our growth and development. They are related to us less as donors; more as tested friends. These donors do not just contribute monetarily but provide both us and our wards guidance and mentorship.

We feel humbled when we think about some of our donors who are now no more but have passed on to their children the tradition of contributing to our cause. Such consistent support has helped us grow. 

Several donors have helped a child graduate from School and thereafter supported them beyond School to undertake University education. Many others have volunteered to accept responsibility for another young child.  

Most find time to visit us, setting aside time for the purpose.  When they do this we feel special. Their suggestions and questions get us thinking and many new initiatives at School have owe their origin to these discussions.

It is true that our major support comes from Corporates or Foundations but these would not have materialized without the introductions that we gained through our very interested donors among the community of friends that we are privileged to have. 

We acknowledge with gratitude the contribution of this wonderful family of individual donors.


We have the good fortune of having a few Mascots for our cause. They represent us to our prospective donors and raise funds for our cause.

We have had them represent us in France, Germany, England and in the USA. Some have promoted us through their Website. Some others campaign for us in their individual capacity.

Mascots who selflessly promote our cause provide us important feedback on donor preferences. We need to acknowledge to them our debt of gratitude. 

We thank our friends for their generosity and their faith in our Mission.