Giving Tree concept

This painting depicts the Banyan tree and represents all the people who have generously given themselves to this school and the children who will be givers in their own right. The roots of this grand tree evoke the feeling of firmness and strength that support, shows children growing and rising up. The aerial supports are also roots providing pillars of strength which allow the tree to outlive the trunk. It visualizes PYDS evolving and growing into the infinite future.

The Banyan Tree has the widest reaching roots of all trees, and regenerates for hundreds of years. It is often used to represent unity.

Sanskrit Slokas of Yore Say ” Hasthasya Bhushanam Dhanam” or the ornament of the hand is giving and ” Nasthi Dhaan Samam Mitram” or there is no friend better than giving and also “Danam Sarvartha Sadhkam” or Giving realizes all aspirations.

You see streaks of gold in the roots-an association with the sun and the light and the fire that we cherish and which sustain us. The Givers provide this energy through their aspiration for the Divine. The metallic colours represent wealth, the knowledge of the consciousness. The branches, leaves and the fruits have streaks of gold showing the Light that is being passed on through the trunk which is the school, the medium.
Donors share the energy and the fire given to them in trust to keep and perpetuate. Sparks that fire the children in turn transform into fruits that can yield huge trees; so one small seed becomes several mighty trees with millions of fruits.

In the Bhagavat Gita Krishna said “There is a banyan tree which has its roots upward and its branches down, and the Vedic hymns are its leaves.” (Bg 15.1) We have experience of a tree whose roots are upward: if one stands on the bank of a river, he can see that the trees reflected in the water are upside down. The branches go downward and the roots upward. Similarly, this material world is a reflection of the spiritual world. The material world is but a shadow of reality. In the shadow there is no reality or substantiality, but from the shadow we can understand that there is substance and reality. The giving tree represents the truth, a testament to people who look beyond the material world and see the reality of the spiritual world.

From the beginning there has been growth of contributors and volunteers, each inspiring the other to give so that the effort snowballs into an ever widening movement like the Banyan Tree that is ever growing and providing succour and shade to increasing millions.