Fund a Meal

Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice.

–   Jacques Diouf

We do think about hungry stomachs when we think about poverty. The students under our care are amongst the poorest. The families do their best to provide healthy nourishment to their children but what is healthy and nutritious according to them is that which is merely enough to help survive.  We know that we cannot attain excellence unless our children are properly fed.

Since we run a 10 hour day care facility at PYDS Learning Academy, we provide all students four feeds a day:  breakfast at 7.30 AM, a fruit at 11 AM, Lunch at 2PM and an evening snack at 4PM.  The children studying in our Early Childhood Learning center stay with us for 7 hours and they are provided with a  fruit in the morning (11 AM), lunch at noon (1 PM),  a glass of milk and an evening snack(3PM) in the evening.

This schedule and the well-designed balanced diet keeps the students fit and they are able to concentrate on curricular and co-curricular activities. The Body mass Index of almost all of our students are at par with National and International standards.

We do not use contractors and the Society takes cares of all the provisions itself. We make sure that the food served is of the optimum quality and have a mechanism that tracks it.
We request you to be a part of this campaign by Sponsoring a Fund a Meal and make  events in your family such as Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, death anniversary of your beloved ones memorable  by feeding around 435 hungry stomachs.

You could kindly choose from any of the ‘Fund a Meal’ schemes:

Fund a Meal (FAM) Amount (INR) Amount (USD)
Four Feeds and a Glass of Milk 15000 220
Four Feeds a day 10000 155
Lunch 7000 110
Breakfast, a fruit & evening snack 5000 80
Breakfast 2500 40
  • The Donors name is displayed in the dining hall for all children to see and your generosity is acknowledged with a photograph.
  • You are also welcome to visit us.