What is your philosophy?

Help Children be what they can be and in doing so realize their potential and excel

Who are your targeted beneficiaries?

We provide comprehensive growth opportunity to economically disadvantaged youth, particularly girls,  in the age group of 5 to 25 years.

Is PYDS affiliated with any other parent Organization/Religion

We have no formal connection with any parent Organization /religion. 

Is the Governing Body and CEO compensated for their services?

No. Both the Governing body and the Full Time CEO are honorary workers. Apart from their time they also donate monetarily to the cause.

How do the Governing body members and the CEO manage their expenses if they do not draw any money from the Society?

All the members of the Governing Body understand the difficulties in raising money and therefore claim no reimbursement for travel or such expenses. They are professionals in varied fields and live on their income and savings.


As for the Founder/CEO, he is a retired economist, now aged 80, and lives on his savings and past investments. 

Does your organization have any other source of income except donations?

No, we depend entirely on donations received from various people and organizations. There are small reserves accumulated over these years and they yield a meager interest income.

Can I contribute to your cause?

Yes, we welcome you and look forward to your participation. 

What is the number of your direct and indirect beneficiaries?

561 students (435 students and 126 alumni) are our direct beneficiaries.

There are around 5 members in each family, thus our total indirect beneficiaries are 2805.   

What is your catchment area?

Our focus is on the 41 villages surrounding Purkal but we accept students from the entire State of Uttarakhand if there are vacancies in our Hostel. Such admissions are currently confined to our admissions into Classes 11 and selectively into Class 9 as at present. 

Has any Government or non-government agency blacklisted you?

No, we are not blacklisted by any organization whomsoever.

What is the criterion of selecting and recruiting children?

The first and foremost condition for admission is that the child should have an economically disadvantaged background and have the potential to take advantage of the exceptional learning opportunity that we provide. While admitting children into our senior classes (6, 9 and 11) we also attempt to make sure that the new students will be able to cope with the other children at our School who have had the advantage of our grooming over a few past years.

Do you charge fee from students?

No. All our students study entirely fee free.

Can a child from an economical advantaged background get enrolled in your School paying fees?

No, our Society is meant only for the poorest of the poor. We do not entertain requests for admission from children hailing from economically sound families.  

Do you support students post their schooling?

We support deserving students post their Schooling by granting them an interest and security free loan. All children receive career counselling beginning their 10th Class. The amount repaid by post 12th students is accumulated in our ‘On to Life’ fund and used to benefit other pass outs from the School. 

Do you provide hostel facility for all children?

We are currently able to provide mandatory hostel facilities only to our Senior Secondary classes i.e those in the 11th  and 12th classes. 

We have recently purchased a land at villlage Rikholi to built a hostel. It will accommodate all the children who are in and above class 6. We request generous contributions for this endeavour so that our hostel gets constructed in good time.

How do you make sure that the family is not lying about their financial status?

Before admitting any child, we conduct a survey. A profile/survey report is written and the photographs of the house that the child lives in are also recorded.

The enrolled children are also surveyed annually to reaffirm their status. 

How do you make sure that beneficiaries does not take the support provided to them for granted?

To make sure that there is an element of participation, a certain sum is collected as 

Transportation cost from all parents of students. This is waived off if the families are so poor that they cannot afford it. More than 100 students currently enjoy this waiver. Students who score more than 80% marks or secure top 3 position in any class or also recipients of this waiver advantage.

All children are evaluated for Scholarship and granted this annually. 

Why do you recruit only 25 children in each Class?

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In spite of your School being Co-ed, why is your focus on the girl child?

In our region, parents are not very keen to get their girl child educated. They feel that the investment on education should be on the sons who are likely to live with them throughout their lives, rather than on their daughters who will get married and live in another home. This outlook is slowly changing with  our intervention.

Do teachers and other staff members draw salaries for their services?

We recruit and pay well qualified teachers and staff members. We also spend on their training. 

Are volunteers paid?

Our past experience is that volunteers enjoy and prefer the joy of giving. However, in certain cases we could considering paying an honorarium to the volunteers. 

Is the local committee appreciative of your work?

Yes. While recruiting children, we give priority to under privileged children living in the local community 

In spite of your 18 years of existence, why do you have only 435 beneficiaries?

We believe in providing intense attention to all those under our care. We wish to make a success of every child through holistic management and this calls for both time and resources. We do not wish to handle vast numbers superficially but make a difference to those we take responsibility for. We believe that more must emulate our example and replicate this experiment. That will provide the numbers necessary to make a difference.

Is the PYDS model sustainable/replicable?

Our organization has grown over the past two decades. This is a testimony to this question.


Regarding replicability, It is heartening to see others attempting the setting up of schools under the same model. The Fedders Llyod Group, who were our longtime supporters, decided to set up schools in their Project area, structured on the PYDS model. They support their schools with their CSR funds. The model is thus workable. 

Do you have any other office located except at Purkal village?

No, we have only one office located at Purkal Village, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Why don’t you open a new branch?

We wish to make a difference to this community that we serve. What we do is still ‘Work-in-Progress‘. The poorest of the Poor also deserve outstanding Institutions available to them and we are in the process of building one such.

How can I serve your Organization?

You could send your curriculum Vitae at recruitement.pyds@gmail.com. We will be happy to consider your candidature if there are suitable job openings.

Do you prescribe any lower limit for receiving donations?

No, we accept donations of any amount. We have received, acknowledged and accounted Rs.1 donated to us by a donor in the past.

Who is the appropriate person in the Organization, to connect with, regarding donations?

You could contact the CEO, Mr. GK Swamy at 9837337660 or drop an e-mail at purkalsociety@hotmail.com

How can I donate to your cause?

Payment Gateway on website, bank transfer (ask for our account details via e-mail/phone), Cheques (made in favor of Purkal Youth Development Society)

Are you eligible to receive donations from foreign nationals?

Yes, we have been granted FCRA approval by The Govt of India and therefore can receive such contributions.

I am an Indian national. What tax benefit will I get by contributing to your cause?

All donors are entitled to receive a certificate under Section 80(g) of the Income Tax Act, which gives 50 % write off.

We are also entitled to issue a 35 AC certificate which gives 100 % write off on business income.

I live in the USA and am a Tax Payer there. What tax benefit can I get by contributing to your cause?

Donations enjoy a tax free status under 501(C) if they are routed through The Youth Development Project Inc. If you wish to take advantage of this facility please write to us.

I am a foreign national and I was not able to make a contribution through your payment Gateway which I tried to do.

Due to certain Govt. directives, the Payment Gateway accepts only credit cards for making a contribution. It is possible that this is why the payment Gateway did not permit the payment that you attempted. Please make sure that you are using a credit card and not a Debit or any other card.

Is Patronship paid by individual donors tied to any particular child?

No, these funds are not tied to any one child, but are part of the resources available to the Society and used for all our beneficiaries. Patrons however get to mentor a specific child identified for the purpose.

Do you support other Organizations monetarily?

The funding that we receive is completely used for the benefit of our beneficiaries. We are thus unable to support any other Organization monetarily.