Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC)

This facility has been a care center for around 60 children in the age group of 3 to 6 years. It was established to help the women working with us in our sister Society “Stree Shakti“. While earning at Stree Shakti mothers work without worrying about their young one.

The program has been catering to the development of these children by providing a structured and stimulating environment for their mental, physical, creative and social growth.

The 10 AM to 5 PM routine is aimed at keeping the children engaged and happy. Every day they are provided with 3 feeds a day – lunch, a fruit & a cup of milk with biscuits.

Children enjoy an academic day which includes sports, outdoor activities and an afternoon nap to keep them alert and fresh. Their horizons are broadened with regular outdoor visits, picnics and field trips.

In its journey of six years of existence, ECLC has enjoyed the input of experts and volunteers across the globe who have helped make this a unique program for tiny tots. We have incorporated a structured assessment record for each child to help understand their individual needs, growth and to further strengthen the process of their development.

A comprehensive report about each child is written periodically. This is based on four parameters:
1. Physical Social and Emotional Development
2. Language Development
3. Mathematical Development
4.Physical and creative development

There are 3 sections in our ECLC division a. Kindergarten b. Playgroup c. Nursery.

After passing the nursery class the students could get selected into our PYDS School in class 1 if they fit into our poverty criterion and are able to compete for the few limited seats that we have.