Donation in Kind

Give, but Give until it hurts

Mother Teresa

Since the inception of PYDS, donations in kind have been received and we have benefitted. We therefore do receive them although we have no use for obsolete or broken material. Please do give us in kind but think before you decide.

The computers that we currently use at our Organization were donated to us by a Corporate. We have also received a brand new table tennis table, cameras, Air Conditioners and televisions, sleeping bags, biscuits, sports items, kitchen items and other such newly purchased items for our use. A group helped us erect our Basketball poles & boards.  Sparsely used projectors, laptops, printers, workstations, table & chairs for students, various books, timber, Casio keyboard, solar lights & panels etc have also been donated to us in the past.

Please do write to us if wish to make a donation in kind to our cause.