CSR Opportunities

The emphasis placed by more and more companies on corporate social responsibility symbolises the recognition that prosperity is best achieved in an inclusive society
Tony Blair 

“We invite Corporates and Foundations to partner us in our endeavor to provide the best to the underprivileged and economically disadvantaged children in the community”
We promise that each penny that you contribute will be utilized optimally and in the best possible way for the welfare of children. Our track record of the last 18 years is proof that we are on the road to excellence.

With effect from 1st April 2017, all Donations to Purkal Youth Development Society are 50% Income Tax Exempt under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 . We also have FCRA approval for receiving donations from Non-Indians. Contributions made to our associate in the USA are entitled to 501(c) Tax Exemption

The Society started with just one donor 18 years ago. Since then several likeminded friends have joined the cause and helped. A few years ago Corporates/Foundations joined the band of grant givers. Today we have several benefactors and philanthropists supporting us. Our sustenance however needs continuing support and we believe that Corporates will find in us good value for CSR support.

With the insertion of the words “promotion of education” (mentioned in scheduled 7 of the Companies Act 2013) as a possible purpose for spending CSR, our ability to garner support from corporates has received a major boost since we are a transparent, credible Mission with an excellent track record.

We have designed different packages to help Corporates, Foundations, and Trusts. They find in us opportunities for long term or short term participation.

Detailed proposals and budgets for these projects can be provided on request.  Donors could either part fund or completely fund these projects.

  • Change 25 Young Rural Lives (Class Sponsorship Scheme)
    Be the change you wish to see in the world by donating towards the expenses for a class of 25 students.We will be happy to help you meet and familiarize yourself with the group sponsored by you. If you wish to travel here please let us know; we can make arrangements to help you travel and be with us and if necessary stay over at Dehra Dun. The Annual Budget for Changing 25 Rural Lives varies across different levels at School.
  • Program Specific
    We also invite Corporates to contribute specifically towards:
    Medical Fund, Nutrition, Field visits, learning Support Programme, Yoga, Music and Dance, Sports expenses.
  • Projects Specific
    Since we are growing, we have various projects in mind that need accomplishment such as the buying of a piece of land for the construction of hostels, building of more classrooms and the creation of other infrastructure. Other initiatives cover buying of equipment for solar projects, assistance for our post 12th students, funding of children for participation in various competitions etc. We are also engaged in community initiatives like the building of toilets.

As an acknowledgement of your support we provide the following recognitions.

  1. As a token of gratitude our Annual report and Website acknowledges your kind contribution.
  2. The GIVING TREE appreciates your partnership in our progress.
  3. Banners announcing our partnerships in public events.

Acknowledgment for support applicable only for Class Sponsors

  1. To foster a sense of responsibility and gratitude among the beneficiary children, a Plaque announcing the sponsorship is fixed in the concerned class room.
  2. Every benefitting student is known with a title of the ‘sponsor’ ; their id cards carry the name