Community Development

Overall development and upliftment of the community at large has been our endeavor since the Society’s inception. It is important for the children to be sensitized to the problems of the community; it is for these future leaders to take the solution head-on and work collectively towards solving them for a better tomorrow

PYDS has undertaken initiatives in the matter of the following Community Development Initiatives over the past years:

  • With the kind assistance of Gems Modern Academy, Dubai, we have made a village Shigally – Open Defection free (ODF) village (2016) by constructing  21 toilets. This Project will be widened to cover several other villages that we serve. We have 41 such villages in our area of operation and we shall address the problems of each one of these villages until all of them become ODF.
  • In 2016, we installed a drinking water outlet for village Purkal. This would mitigate the problem of hard water/drinking water that the villagers of Purkal were facing since ages.
  • PYDS in collaboration with an NGO called Waste Warriors is successfully implementing a Solid Waste Management Program in five villages. All home in these villages operate this Programme by segregating their waste and a vehicle collects the solid waste for disposal.  
  • The students undertake the cleaning of neighboring areas periodically.
  • In 2013, the CEO of the Society sponsored the plantation of 100 trees on the way to PYDS.
  • The society organizes blood donation camps annually, for which extensive promotional campaigns are undertaken by our student groups within the community.
  • In 2012, with the aim of encouraging people to conserve timber and save forests, A Stove Project was undertaken, wherein energy efficient, smoke free wood stoves were distributed to families in the community. It makes use of twigs instead of logs, thus being a means of forest conservation.
  • In the past, the society was instrumental in the construction of 52 toilets in homes and villages around the community in collaboration with ADOPT, another Charity. We are glad to say that Purkal is now Open Defection Free due to this initiative.